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Congratulations to Murray and Joe!

Congratulations to Murray, who scored in the top 2% (global ranking) in the Caribou Gr5/6 math competition, Murray is a 2.5-year veteran of MathRover and won the MathRover "Perseverance Award". He participated in previous Caribou and his grades gradually improved over time.

Joe scored in the top 3% (global ranking) in the Caribou math competition (with 8269 contestants worldwide). Joe won the MathRover "Thinking Award". He pondered over math contest questions all day, even when taking a shower, where he suddenly had an epiphany.

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Waterloo University Gauss Contest Results Are Out!

Waterloo University Gauss成绩已经email发出,获奖证书也已email发出,请注意查收 Gauss获奖是每个学校的25%,由于MathRover学生太棒了,所以我们对学校平均线以上及跳级参加比赛学生成绩在平均线左右学生发放了证书以示鼓励。(waterloo 9年级以后竞赛是全球考生Top 25%) 特别祝贺以下120+以上学生:(有一半学生是G5/6年级的学生) Z Ya


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